Hello and welcome to my website.  I will be updating and adding new pages in the future.

I've been working as an art director in the animation industry in the UK for over 20 years.  I joined TVC  London in 1985 and went freelance in 1997, if you'd like a full CV, please email  me.  My interests include photography, cats and occasionally salsa dancing, but not all at once.

Animation artwork
The Snowman and the Snowdog
Half hour special for Channel 4, celebrating 30 years of Channel 4 and The Snowman.
Background illustrations and character rendering.

The Snowman and the Snowdog is a Snowdog Enterprises and Lupus Films Production for Channel 4

©Snowdog Enterprises Ltd MMXXII

On Angel Wings
A half hour special based on the book by Michael Morpurgo.
Background artwork.

©Illuminated Film Company 2016

Ethel and Ernest

A feature film based on the best selling book by Raymond

Pre - production Art Direction.                                   
©Lupus Films/TVCartoons 2012

A Child's Christmas
A half hour special based on the book 'A Child's Christmas in Wales' by Dylan Thomas.

Art direction 
Below is a section of storyboard from the underwater sequence.  I've taken the line version of the storyboard drawn by the director Dave Unwin and roughly coloured it to get an idea of how the mood and atmosphere of the sequence should look.  This will set the colours for the animating characters, the styling and technique for the backgrounds, and reference for any special effects required.


Some individual storyboard frames from various scenes throughout the film:         
Line storyboard by Dave Unwin 


Colour styling
Finalised and detailed character design painted accurately for final production:

Line character design by Dave Unwin  

Final painted illustrations that sit behind the animation:

©Brave New World 2010.

Ebb and Flo 
Television series based on the books by Jane Simmons.

Art direction  

                                                                                            Ebb and Flo™© Canning Factory 2010.

Horrid Henry
Television series based on the books by Francesca Simon.

Colour styling 
Line character design by Dave Unwin                                                                        © Novel Entertainment ltd.

Wind in the Willows
Willows in Winter
*Primetime EMMY* awarded 'Individual achievement in animation'
Feature length films based on the books by Kenneth Grahame.

Art Direction

Line storyboard by Dave Unwin

© A TVC London Production in association with HIT Entertainment Plc and The Family Channel. 
© Carlton Television.

Doctor Snuggles
Pre-production work.

Portly's Hat
Personal short film based on the book by Lucy Cousins

                                                                            ©Lucy Cousins.

Father Christmas
Half hour special based on the book by Raymond Briggs.

Art Directon

                                                                    © A TVC London Production. © Blooming Productions 2010.

Half hour special based on the book by John Burningham.

Art Direction

©TVC Granpa Ltd 2010                                                                                          

When the Wind Blows
Feature film based on the book by Raymond Briggs.

Sequence Art Direction and promotional artwork

Line character poses by Richard Fawdry.

                          © Meltdown Ltd. 1987/2010. © Channel four 2010. 

Other pre-production design